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Acupuncture Point

LI-19 Kouheliao

ST-2 Sibai

SI-18 Quanliao

BL-2 Zanzhu

TW-22 Erheliao

Point Location

A: Directly below the pupil in a depression at the infraorbital foramen.

B: Directly below the outer canthus of the eys in a depression on the lower border of the zygoma. Contraindicated to moxabustion!

C: In the supraorbital notch at the medial end of the eyebrow.

D: Directly below the lateral margin of the nostril 0.5 cun lateral to GV 26.

E: Anterior and superior to TW21, level with the root of the auricle on the posterior border of the hairline of the temple where the superficial temporal artery passes. Avoid artery when needling!

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