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Chiropractic Pediatrics

Chiropractic Pediatrics: A Clinical Handbook

This evidence-based text relates clinical chiropractic management to pediatrics, with coverage of the key aspects of syndromes most commonly seen by chiropractors working with children. It outlines the essential history-taking, physical assessment, diagnosis and management for each syndrome, while addressing relevant pathology of pediatric conditions. This is an essential reference source for both chiropractic clinicians and students. Chapters have been radically restructured for the new edition - in line with current research and the models of teaching now being used.

Chiropractic Technique

Chiropractic Technique: Principles and Procedures

No other book offers a complete guide to chiropractic adjustive techniques! Chiropractic Technique, 3rd Edition makes it easy to understand essential procedures and provides a rationale for their use. Written by Thomas F. Bergmann, DC, FICC, and David H. Peterson, DC, and backed by the latest research studies, this bestseller describes the basic principles needed to evaluate, select, and apply specific adjustive procedures. With a review of chiropractic history, detailed descriptions of joint examination and adjustive techniques for the spine, pelvis, and extremities, and a companion Evolve website with how-to videos, this book is a must-have reference for students and clinicians.

Netters Orthopaedic Clinical Examination

Netter's Orthopaedic Clinical Examination: An Evidence-Based Approach (Netter Clinical Science)

Netter's Orthopaedic Clinical Examination: An Evidence-Based Approach, by Joshua Cleland and Shane Koppenhaver, helps you apply best practices to get the most clinically significant information from each physical examination. Classic Netter artwork and anatomy/biomechanics tables provide a handy anatomy and pathophysiology overview, while an evidence-based approach helps you focus on the examination techniques, tests, and measures that have been proven to yield the most meaningful diagnostic findings.

Complete Manual Therapy

Complete Manual Therapy: Chiropractic and Physical Therapy In One Approach

Complete Manual Therapy: Combining Chiropractic and Physical Therapy in One Approach is the first text ever to combine the professions of chiropractic and physical therapy. Written by a chiropractor/physical therapist, the sole purpose of this book is to make the reader a more knowledgable, more effective clinician. The practicing chiropractor will find this text offers him many techniques his physical therapy colleagues already utilize, including strain-counterstrain, myofascial release and therapeutic exercise. The practicing physical therapist will find this book equally helpful, as it presents the chiropractor's view of musculoskeletal dysfunction along with numerous techniques he/she can implement into practice., Dr. Oliver also includes a new approach to manual therapy with the best of chiropractic, physical therapy, movement therapy and energy-based medicine.

Essential Musculoskeletal MRI

Essential Musculoskeletal MRI: A Primer for the Clinician

Most radiological texts are written by radiologists for radiologists; this is even more the case when it comes to the specialization of MRI. This book is designed to empower the clinician in understanding the appearance of normal anatomy on MRI and the radiological features of the more commonly encountered regional pathologies, with particular emphasis on those with musculoskeletal relevance. It also gives insight into the correlation between the clinician presentation of the patient and the finding on special imaging. An accompanying CD-ROM allows the reader to work their way through exercises and examples to raise their level of independent capability. As such, the book is clinician-led. The approach is regionally organised, rather than driven by pathology, and thinking is clinical rather then purely radiological.

Chiropractic for Horses to Maintain Health and Wellness

Chiropractic for Horses to Maintain Health and Wellness

Beneficial for both pets and workers, this informative aid provides a greater understanding of the mechanics of horses. Illuminating concepts that can be applied to animals in general, this reference delves into the science of chiropractic, making it accessible for owners, professionals, and the general public. Researching the history of the practice, this record identifies its different types, dispels its myths, and even outlines what problems it can cause. Case studies, training aids, and everyday tips for maintenance are also provided.

Movement System Impairment Syndromes of the Extremities

Movement System Impairment Syndromes of the Extremities, Cervical and Thoracic Spines

Extensively illustrated and evidence based, Movement System Impairment Syndromes of the Extremities, Cervical and Thoracic Spines helps you effectively diagnose and manage musculoskeletal pain. It discusses diagnostic categories and their associated muscle and movement imbalances, and makes recommendations for treatment. Also covered is the examination itself, plus exercise principles, specific corrective exercises, and the modification of functional activities. Case studies provide examples of clinical reasoning, and a companion Evolve website includes video clips of tests and procedures. Written and edited by the leading experts on muscle and movement, Shirley Sahrmann and associates, this book is a companion to the popular Diagnosis and Treatment of Movement Impairment Syndromes.

Photographic Manual of Regional Orthopaedic and Neurologic Tests

Photographic Manual of Regional Orthopaedic and Neurologic Tests

Now in its Fifth Edition, this Photographic Manual of Regional Orthopaedic and Neurologic Tests describes in step-by-step fashion how to perform these tests. Each chapter begins with a decision tree of the orthopaedic examination of an anatomic area, followed by a brief description of the anatomic area, usually with an accompanying drawing. The presentation of each test begins with a clinical description and a box of clinical signs and symptoms, followed by a brief description of the procedure with a photograph demonstrating the position of the clinician and the patient. The author then presents a brief rationale for the test and suggests diagnostic imaging procedures where appropriate. An accompanying DVD demonstrates a typical examination.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine and the Law

Complementary and Alternative Medicine and the Law

This textbook introduces students to the myriad of laws that govern the practice of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) and, by doing so, provides a general health law survey as well. After broadly describing CAM and the ongoing tension between CAM and conventional medicine, the book covers traditional health law basics through the lens of CAM regulation and practice. Medical licensure and scope of practice, malpractice, informed consent, Food and Drug Administration regulation of dietary supplements, and antitrust are each addressed. The authors close by examining new innovations in CAM regulation. News articles, government reports, excerpts from literature, and real life problems (as well as critical cases and statutes) are used throughout the text to examine the intersection between CAM and the law.

Spinal Stabilization

Spinal Stabilization: A Functional Rehab Program

This book provides a guided spinal stabilization program for rehabilitation of functional spinal instability, as seen in back pain patients. A tool for chiropractors, physical and occupational therapists, and other rehabilitation professionals.

Internet Marketing for Chiropractors

Internet Marketing for Chiropractors: Marketing, Advertising, and Promoting Your Chiropractic Clinic Online Using Google, Facebook, YouTube, Search Engine ... Guide Book for a Chiropractor!

Internet Marketing for Chiropractors is your key to unlocking the internet as your greatest source of patients. You won't find a bunch of marketing cliches in this book. What you will find is a remarkably practical click-by-click guide to finding the patients who want to find you.

Spinal Decompression Stabilization Protocol

Spinal Decompression Stabilization Protocol

This book provides an eight-week exercise protocol for patients who are undergoing Spinal Decompression Therapy treatment for bulging, herniated, or protruded discs in the low back.

Starting your Own Practice from Scratch

Starting your Own Practice from Scratch: A Guide for Chiropractors, Occupational Therapists and Physical Therapists

The primary goal of this course is to provide you with a step by step guide in building your very own practice from scratch. As such, this course is dedicated to helping you put up your very own health facility where you can readily offer your professional therapeutic services to the people in your area. From beginning to end, its content will give you step-by-step guidelines and useful information especially researched and compiled to support you in achieving your goal as straightforwardly as possible. If you put your heart and mind to the task, then you will surely succeed in establishing your own health facility. Topics that are included here such as Choosing the Right Business Structure, Defining your Specialty and Determining if your business would be viable are written for quick and easy comprehension while conveying numerous applicable instructions and related guidelines.

Essentials of Dermatology for Chiropractors

Essentials of Dermatology for Chiropractors

Chiropractors see more skin than any other primary health provider, and have a perfect opportunity to make early diagnoses of serious skin conditions, such as malignant melanoma. In order to provide comprehensive patient care, chiropractic physicians must have a solid foundation of dermatology. Essentials of Dermatology for Chiropractors is a full-color reference on general dermatology for chiropractors and chiropractic students. With over 200 full-color photos and illustrations it is also a valuable resource for understanding the natural and complementary treatments available for many common skin disorders. Including a completely cross-referenced listing of conditions and treatments, this text is an ideal source of relevant dermatological information for chiropractic college dermatology instructors, chiropractic students, and practicing chiropractors.

Myofascial Trigger Point Release of the Upper Extremity

Myofascial Trigger Point Release of the Upper Extremity: A Review of Current Research

This course will teach myofascial trigger point release concepts. By utilizing the trigger point techniques, patients make rapid improvement in their status. Outcomes have reflected reduced therapy sessions with permanent improvement as well as the patient's ability to self-manage their condition with the home exercise programs. Methods for locating and deactivating trigger points using a variety of techniques and modalities will be explored. After reading the book, you will be able to use these techniques immediately upon return to your practice. Myofascial release involves sustained pressure and graded stretch applied to the soft tissue which is guided entirely by the feedback obtained from the patient's body. The feedback felt by the therapist while applying the stretch determines the direction of the stretch, its duration, and the amount of force applied. From shoulder disorders to elbow injuries to debilitating hand and wrist problems, quicker improvement and more favorable outcomes are unquestionably dependent on proper rehabilitation technique and individualized, forward thinking concepts and application.

Musculoskeletal Ultrasound with MRI Correlations

Musculoskeletal Ultrasound with MRI Correlations

With an emphasis on the accuracy and dynamic nature of no-radiation ultrasound, leading clinicians from around the world provide practical guidance on how to combine different multiplanar imaging modalities in the analysis and diagnosis of common musculoskeletal disorders.
Organized by body region, each of the 13 chapters follows a consistent, easy-to-reference format. The authors guide the reader through clinical indications, technical guidelines, and normal anatomy followed by information on degenerative diseases, inflammatory conditions, traumatic injuries, tumors, and various other musculoskeletal problems. Clear, high-resolution ultrasound images appear side by side with MRI, and in some cases CT, images to teach and train readers how to perform musculoskeletal ultrasound in clinical practice while simultaneously sharpening their diagnostic skills.

Frequency Specific Microcurrent in Pain Management

Frequency Specific Microcurrent in Pain Management

This comprehensive text describes the origins, mechanisms, beneficial applications and practical details of frequency specific therapy - a treatment technique that uses frequencies, micro amperage current and the principles of biological resonance to treat pain and a wide range of medical conditions. It includes condition specific frequency protocols for the treatment of various pain complaints, and multi-center clinical case reports documenting successful application of the technique. Each section includes a review of condition pathophysiology and differential diagnosis, plus current research. A DVD feature a lecture from the author, Powerpoint teaching slides, practical demonstrations of techniques, fully searchable text and downloadable images from the book!

Kinesiology The Skeletal System and Muscle Function

Kinesiology: The Skeletal System and Muscle Function

See the body's bones, joints, and muscles in action! Highly visual and in full color, Kinesiology: The Skeletal System and Muscle Function makes it easy to apply kinesiology concepts to the treatment of dysfunction. it contains over 1,200 illustrations, including a bone atlas that shows every bone in the human body and six chapters with detailed, illustrated coverage of joints. Written by noted educator and author Joseph E. Muscolino, this book clearly depicts how muscles function as movers, antagonists, and stabilizers. This edition expands its reach to athletic training with two new chapters on stretching and strengthening exercises. A companion DVD includes video clips with over 60 minutes of footage demonstrating all the major joint actions of the human body.

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