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New Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine Books

Micro-Acupuncture in Practice

Micro-Acupuncture in Practice

Unique and comprehensive, this resource thoroughly discusses the various micro-acupuncture systems with clear and clinically useful information for practice, including styles of practice throughout the world, overviews of each system, and treatment for common disorders. All micro systems are covered, including information on point locations and functions. Treatment protocols are given for more than 50 common diseases and conditions, providing the tools necessary for the most effective treatment of patients. The books readability, evidence-based approach, excellent organization, detailed illustrations, comprehensive coverage of all micro-systems, and practical therapeutic treatment guidelines for commonly seen conditions make it an essential for anyone treating patients with acupuncture.
Moxibustion:A Modern Clinical Handbook

Moxibustion:A Modern Clinical Handbook
By Lorraine Wilcox

This book is written and designed to be a practical clinical handbook of moxibustion to be used by modern practitioners and students of Eastern Asian medicine in everyday clinical settings. It contains techniques and treatments as old as the Huang Di Nei Jing (Yellow Emperor's Inner Classic) and as contemporary as modern clinical trials. It has information on techniques that every practitioner will find useful.
To prepare for the writing of this book the author personally experimented with most of the techniques described in the book so that she could write clear step-by-step directions. In addition to very understandable directions, over 100 photo illustrations covering every aspect of preparation and patient care using moxa are provided where necessary. The practical, useable nature of this book will help many practitioners increase the effectiveness of their moxibustion treatments.
Auricular Acupuncture Diagnosis

Auricular Acupuncture Diagnosis

This title is based on 5000 auricular acupuncture observations made in both healthy subjects and in patients affected by a variety of diseases. The author's intention is to provide physicians and therapists with an innovative diagnostic model, giving them the possibility of a fuller understanding of their patients.
A Materia Medica for Chinese Medicine

A Materia Medica for Chinese Medicine: plants, minerals and animal products

Phytotherapy or herbal medicine is the most important therapy within Chinese medicine and is being used increasingly in the West. "A Materia Medica for Chinese Medicine: Plants, Minerals and Animal Products" describes 400 of the most important plants, minerals and animal substances used as treatments by Chinese medical practitioners. The items included have been selected according to their degree of clinical relevance. Each remedy is clearly described and illustrated on two facing pages, making this an easily accessible reference for both students and practitioners of Chinese herbal medicine. The clearly laid out text presents the following details for each herb or substance included: a detailed description of the characteristic features; indications for safe use; medicinal and toxic effects: possible combinations with other substances; and, full-colour illustrations, generally two for each substance, showing the detailed characteristics of the item described. "A Materia Medica for Chinese Medicine" has been written by two medically trained doctors who have worked as TCM therapists specializing in the use of Chinese herbs for more than 30 years. Based on their many years of teaching and practice, the book has been carefully compiled and designed to provide a concise and accurate practice-based reference for both students and practitioners.
An Introduction to Western Medical Acupuncture

An Introduction to Western Medical Acupuncture

This book is a clear and practical introductory guide to the practice of medical acupuncture. It describes the Western medical approach to the use of acupuncture as a therapy following orthodox diagnosis. The text covers issues of safety, different approaches to acupuncture, basic point information, clinical issues and the application of acupuncture in clinical conditions, especially in the treatment of pain.
A practical guide to the principles and clinical practice of medical acupuncture
A clear guide to the neurophysiological principles which underlie medical approaches to acupuncture
A basic explanation of the different styles of medical acupuncture treatment
Allows the reader to accrue the practical knowledge necessary before beginning to work with medical acupuncture.
Medical Acupuncture

Medical Acupuncture: A Practical Guide

This book is an illustrated companion to my textbook of acupuncture, Acupuncture in Practice, which I use on the courses in modern medical acupuncture which I teach for health professional. The book will be useful for health professionals who practise modern western acupuncture.
Acupuncture for Musculoskeletal Medicine

Acupuncture for Musculoskeletal Medicine

Written in a user-friendly format and utilizing a case study approach, this book describes how acupuncture fits into the treatment paradigm for musculoskeletal complaints. Several different acupuncture treatment styles are presented, and in each example the choice of acupuncture points is explained in detail. These suggested treatments are meant not merely as recipes, but rather as strategies that can be applied to a variety of clinical complaints and conditions. Each case study includes physical examination findings, diagnostic studies, differential diagnosis, and recommendations for standard medical treatments. This is followed by one or more detailed acupuncture treatment strategies. Finally, there is a review of the published research regarding acupuncture as it pertains to musculoskeletal medicine.
Practice Handbook of Acupuncture

Practice Handbook of Acupuncture

Do you know the precise location and actions of BL-17? Do you really know the difference between the finger-cun and body-cun? Did you know that many of the master points are located on the ren mai? You don't have much time to spend for looking for points for particular conditons. Answers to these questions and much more are all waiting for you in this book by Gertrude Kubiena and her team. They have succeeded in presenting acupuncture and TCM in a concise way, pointing out principles and connections and therefore making clinical application easier. This title includes: unique presentation of all meridian pathways and points in one illustration; text and illustrations on one double page; specific features and usage for particular conditions of each point; all points for a particular disorder accessible in one glance - for easier use in the clinic and time-saving.
TCM Board Tests Review

TCM Board Tests Review: Acupuncture, Foundations and BioMed Exams

Created for TCM Students, by a TCM student. This book is to help stressed and confused TCM students relax and narrow down the important information and resources to study for their Acupuncture, Foundations and BioMed Exams.
Classical Chinese Medical Texts

Classical Chinese Medical Texts: Learning to Read the Classics of Chinese Medicine (Vol. II)

This series of books represents the first introduction to classical Chinese that focuses solely on medical texts. The selections that make up the chapters span a period of nearly 2,000 years, covering the entire written history of Chinese medicine. The extensive vocabulary lists, detailed grammar notes, example sentences, and clear explanations make this series suitable for self-taught learners and classrooms alike. Each chapter contains the text in its original as well as modern written forms, a vocabulary section, pinyin, translation of the texts, and a detailed notes section which explains grammar and difficult sentences. For reference, there is also a simplified version of all of the texts, a complete index and glossary, and detailed suggestions for how to successfully use the books. Volume II contains fifteen selections broken into five major classical themes, including texts on the concept of the superior physician, madness, evil, and spirit.
Acupressure Comprehensive Index

Acupressure Comprehensive Index and The Stressaway Acupressure Program of Self Healing

Stressaway Acupressure can have a profound effect on your health. Learn methods for self-healing using your ears, hands, feet and regular acupressure points: how to use tools to heal over 4000 indexed conditions. History of this unique system is fascinating.
The Acupuncture Handbook of Sports Injuries Pain

The Acupuncture Handbook of Sports Injuries & Pain

The Acupuncture Handbook of Sports Injuries and Pain is a clinical manual that integrates traditional Chinese acupuncture with western orthopedic and sports medicine. It clearly outlines the diagnosis, assessment, and treatment protocol for 25 common sports injuries and pain syndromes. Using a simple Four Step approach, treatment for each condition is organized into 10 easy-to-follow techniques. The Acupuncture Handbook brings new insight and intrigue into treating injuries and pain. This spiral-bound book is designed for easy use by the practitioner of acupuncture, and may serve as a clinical guide for diagnosis, assessment, and treatment. Section I presents a unique Four Step Approach, which includes 10 techniques of acupuncture. Section II covers the diagnosis and assessment of each of the 25 injuries, followed by acupuncture treatment and techniques using the Four Steps. Section III contains the appendices, with commentary on the techniques and protocols from the first two sections. Features: Includes common conditions such as plantar fasciitis, rotator cuff tendonitis, and arthritis of the knees and hip. Diagnosis and assessment is summarized from both western and Chinese medical perspectives. And typical orthopedic recommendations are clearly listed for each injury. The Acupuncture Handbook uses a simple Four Step approach, making point selection and needle technique simple, logical, and systematic. Treatment protocol includes trigger points, motor points, and other needle techniques not commonly discussed in the standard acupuncture texts. Detailed illustrations and descriptions allow for more precise treatment.
The Psyche in Chinese Medicine

The Psyche in Chinese Medicine: Treatment of Emotional and Mental Disharmonies with Acupuncture and Chinese Herbs

THE PSYCHE IN CHINESE MEDICINE comprehensively discusses the treatment of mental-emotional disorders with both acupuncture and herbal medicine. Suitable for practitioners and students of Chinese medicine it discusses first the aetiology, pathology and diagnosis of mental disorders. It explores the nature of the Mind (Shen), Ethereal Soul (Hun), Corporeal Soul (Po), Intellect (Yi) and Will-Power (Zhi) and then presents the diagnosis and treatment of the most common psychological disorders with both acupuncture and Chinese herbs in detail. Specific chapters focus on the treatment of common conditions including depression, anxiety, insomnia, panic attacks, bipolar disorder and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. Each condition is illustrated with case histories from the author's 35 years-long practice.
Healthcare Solutions with Acupuncture

Healthcare Solutions with Acupuncture

Healthcare issues today encompass a wide range of increasing concerns: availability, affordability, effective and safe procedures, the needs of children, and quality of life. Organizations, individuals, and the government are all seeking ways to solve the healthcare crisis. In Healthcare Solutions with Acupuncture, author and doctor of oriental medicine Gary Fleischman presents one possible solution in the form of acupuncture-a procedure involving the minimally invasive use of needles. For thousands of years, the Chinese have employed acupuncture applications to remedy health problems. Fleischman maintains these same procedures can be used to treat minor and major illnesses and could result in a tremendous reduction in healthcare costs in the United States. Healthcare Solutions with Acupuncture compares Chinese and Western medicine and reviews conditions and treatment options that can be used to successfully heal everything from abscesses to weight gain. Healthcare Solutions with Acupuncture provides easy-to-understand classifications of sicknesses, techniques of needling, and the healing process. A full practice of medicine that evaluates disease and treats the sick based on thousands of years of advancements, acupuncture methods offer effective therapies while containing costs.
Pocket Atlas of Chinese Medicine

Pocket Atlas of Chinese Medicine

A traditional medicine with up-to-date applications, Chinese Medicine is gaining steady acceptance throughout the world. In this exquisitely illustrated Pocket Atlas of Chinese Medicine, written by a renowned team of international experts, readers will find a concise yet comprehensive synopsis of the entire field. From the clinical practice of acupuncture and moxibustion to Chinese herbal medicine and nutrition therapy, Tai Ji, Qi Gong, and Tuina, the book offers a deep understanding of the underlying theory, characteristics, and fundamental concepts of Chinese Medicine, as well as its philosophical and cultural basis. For those needing a single volume overview of this broad and multi-faceted field, this book is unrivalled.
Acupuncture Points Trainer CD

Acupuncture Points Trainer CD-ROM

This Acupuncture Points Trainer CD-ROM provides an interactive training programme for all acupuncturists. Included are different training options for studying the names and locations of the acupuncture points on the twelve primary channels, the extraordinary vessels, as well as the extra points - a total of 419 acupuncture points. The CD-ROM stands on its own but is also a valuable additional learning resource for those who have purchased the Atlas of Acupuncture or the Flashcards by Claudia Focks.
Saam Five Element Acupuncture

Saam Five Element Acupuncture

As the first English translation of Saam Five-Element Acupuncture, this book will guide readers through a wholistic and systematic acupuncture method. Saam was a Korean buddhist monk who sought to explore the mysteries of our bodies' innate Yin-Yang and Five Elements. To treat disease, Saam Acupuncture uses a combination of Five Transporting points of the involved meridians. The text is composed of 43 chapters covering diverse illnesses ranging from stroke to hemorrhoids with specific classifications and acupuncture formulae. Efforts was made to translate the text as accurately as possible, and illustrations were added for each acupuncture combination.
Tao Shiatsu

Tao Shiatsu: Revolution in Oriental Medicine

Human beings in the modern age are increasingly wired into a global computer network that surrounds and interconnects the whole earth. Yet ironically, the distortions and stresses of urban living cut people off from the direct experience of the earth as one single living entity. The healing that Tao Shiatsu brings is for all who suffer and wish to be healed. It is for everyone.
Classical Acupuncture Verses For 100 Diseases

Classical Acupuncture Verses For 100 Diseases

Written by famous physicians, these acupuncture verses recorded the experience of how to choose the most effective acupuncture points for the treatment of more than 100 diseases. These verses extracted the most valuable experience in practicing Chinese medicine. Clinicians in China still use these verses as important references to help them solve difficult medical problems. These acupuncture verses have been reprinted for hundreds of years, and learned by generations and generations of acupuncturists. They are the "must-learn" verses in Chinese medicine education in China. They are included in acupuncture textbooks used by all of the Chinese medicine colleges in China. The verses translated here are the most popular and valuable acupuncture verses in Chinese medicine history, including "Acupuncture for A Hundred Diseases in Verse (Bai Zheng Fu)," "The Jade Dragon Verse of Using Acupuncture (Yu Long Fu)," and "Understanding the Miracle and Essence of Acupuncture (Tong Xuan Zhi Yao Fu)."
Chinese Herbal Medicine: Formulas and Strategies

Chinese Herbal Medicine: Formulas & Strategies (2nd Ed.)

The new 2nd edition of Chinese Herbal Medicine: Formulas & Strategies, the companion volume to Chinese Herbal Medicine: Materia Medica, is designed to serve as both a textbook for students and an authoritative reference for practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine. Included in the new edition are over 800 medicinal formulas drawn from both classical and modern sources, which provide more than twice the information in the earlier edition. For each of the 340-plus principal formulas there is a discussion of its therapeutic actions and indications, analysis of the functions and interactions of the ingredients, method of preparation, and a list of modifications to customize the formula in the clinic. Over 460 variations and associated formulas offer additional options for the practitioner. The commentary to each formula has been considerably expanded. This section deepens the readers understanding of a formulas genealogy, presents an overview of controversies regarding composition, usage, and other issues, describes the extension of a formulas application to a wider range of disorders, and provides key clinical pointers to facilitate use of the formula in the modern clinic.
Chinese Nutrition Therapy

Chinese Nutrition Therapy: Dietetics in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) (Complementary Medicine (Thieme Paperback))

For millennia, the Chinese have taught that a healthy, appropriate diet is an integral part of maintaining good health, preventing disease, and healing various disorders. Here, the author demystifies Chinese dietetics, one of the pillars of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Joerg Kastner provides an introduction to the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the 'energetics' of foods. Emphasizing a holistic approach throughout, "Chinese Nutrition Therapy" provides readers with tools for integrating the principles of Chinese dietetics into their daily lives. The book includes a comprehensive classification of more than 300 readily available foods such as vegetables, grains, herbs and spices, fruit, meat, seafood, dairy products, oils and fats, and more. Numerous clinical examples and treatment suggestions artfully combine Western medical conditions with Chinese diagnostic techniques. For this second edition the section on clinical examples has been expanded by detailed chapters on the treatment of obesity and physical and/or emotional fatigue. The explanation of causes of diseases according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the different symptoms, and the lists of recommended foods and foods to avoid are supplemented by advice on the adequate acupuncture treatment.
Vanity Calamity

Vanity Calamity: Your Guide to Cosmetic Acupuncture for Anti-aging

Vanity Calamity tells the history of vanity and what women have been willing to do to look younger or more beautiful. Now there's a healthy, safe option - Cosmetic Acupuncture. This book shares how to look young naturally, including foods that nourish the skin.
Traditional Chinese Medicine Approaches to Cancer

Traditional Chinese Medicine Approaches to Cancer:
Harmony in the Face of the Tiger

Research shows that Chinese medicine can be very effective in supporting the treatment of cancer by orthodox Western methods, and is particularly effective in alleviating many of the side effects of treatment. Henry McGrath draws on his many years as a practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine to explain how Chinese medicine approaches cancer in terms of understanding and treatment. He presents the wide range of approaches that Chinese medicine has to offer people with cancer, and offers practical strategies to promote the health of the body as well as methods with which to cultivate the mind, helping the patient develop both physical and mental wellbeing. He covers a wide range of treatments, from acupuncture to Qigong, giving readers a sound basis on which to explore further specific treatment. "Traditional Chinese Medicine Approaches to Cancer" will be an invaluable book for people with cancer and the medical professionals who work with them.

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