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Set of Two Spine Anatomy Posters - 18" X 24" ea. (Laminated or Photo Paper)

Two Spinal and Vertebrae Anatomy Posters - 18" X 24" (Laminated or Photo Paper)
These vintage anatomical images break up the plain white sterile posters that are in most doctors offices. Two posters showing spinal anatomy. Two views of the vertebral column: posterior and lateral. Cervical spine with details of landmarks and ligaments of the upper cervicals. Thoracic & Lumbar vertebrae poster showing most common characteristics of the vertebrae along with ligament attachments to the ribs. Nice set of posters to fit any health professionals office, classroom or home for students.

Cervical Spine Anatomy Poster

Thoracic Spine Anatomy Poster

Set of Two Spine Anatomy Posters - 18" X 24" ea. (Laminated or Photo Paper)

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Spine Anatomy Poster Set- 18" X 24"

Semi-Gloss Photo Paper

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Spine Anatomy Poster Set - 18" X 24"


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Autonomic Nervous System Poster
24" X 36"
This colorful classic imageshows the autonomic nervous system in relation to the spine and the internal organs. The nerves are color coded representing the sympathetic, parasympathetic and cerebralspinal system.

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Spinal Anatomy Poster 24" X 36"
• Cervical and Thoracic vertebrae
• Posterior and lateral spinal column view
• Ligaments of the cervical and thoracic vertebrae
• Posterior ligaments of sacrum and pelvis


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