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A Manual of Osteopathy on CD

A Manual of Osteopathy on CD
With the application of Physical Culture Baths and Diet

By Dr. Eduard W. Goetz

Scan of original book on CD in PDF format. 171 pages with 45 illustrations. Published 1900.
Preface In the preparation of this volume for the press, the aim has been to make every page and every sentence plain to all, whether they be physicians or not. The importance of physical culture, baths, and diet is conceded by everybody. But not every one has at hand a compact manual of instruction upon these subjects, in their relation to the cure of particular diseases. This book, from which technical terms have been excluded as far as possible, will, it is believed, supply such instruction to those who study it attentively and follow its suggestions in good faith.
The book, however, claims to be something more than a code of dietetics, baths, and exercise. It is in its way a complete handbook on the treatment of disease, not by faith, but by knowledge based upon careful investigation and on discoveries in the science of healing which are not the less valuable because they happen to be new and strange to some.

A Manual of Osteopathy on CD

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