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Acupuncture Point

D LV-5 Ligou

B ST-31 Biguan

A SP-9 Yinlingquan

C BL-55 Heyang

E GB-39 Xuanzhong

Point Location

A: On the lower border of the medial condyle of the tibia, in the depression between the posterior border of the tibia and gastrocnemius muscle.

B: With the thigh flexed, in the depression lateral to the sartorius muscle, directly inferior to the anterior superior iliac spine (ASIS).

C: 2 cun directly below BL54 between the medial and lateral heads of the gastrocnemius muscle on line connecting BL54 and BL57.

D: 5 cun above the tip of the medial malleolus on the medial side of the tibia.

E: 3 cun above the tip of the lateral malleous in a depression between the posterior border of the fibula and the tendons of peroneous longus and brevis muscles.

Answers for Leg Quiz 3


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