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Osteopathy - The Science of Healing by Adjustment on CD

The Science of Healing by Adjustment Sixth Edition
By Percey H. Woodhall, M.D., D. O.

121 scanned pages in PDF format on CD.

There is much misinformation concerning Osteopathy. It has been confused in the public mind with every conceivable form of treatment. An effort is here made to give an authoritative, simple, non—technical statement of its principles ; to show that they are original, distinctive and uniqtie, and to explain their application to the treatment of diseases. As a graduate and former practitioner of medicine, I have endeavored to present the claims of Osteopathy to recognition as a school of healing, conservatively and fairly. We ask an unprejudiced judgment. Indebtedness is acknowledged to Macfie's "TheRomance of Medicine,” Gorton’s “The History of Medicine,” Wilder’s “history of Medicine,” Boerick and Anshutz’s “The Elements of Homeopathic Theory, Materia Medica, Practice and Pharmacy,” Deason’s “Physiology—General and Osteopathic.” Especial thanks are due to Dr. F. P. Millard. PERCY H. WOODALL, M. D., D. 0.

Osteopathy - The Science of Healing by Adjustment on CD

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