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Acupuncture in Practice - Beyond Points and Meridians

Acupuncture in Practice - Beyond Points and MeridiansAcupuncture in Practice - Beyond Points and Meridians

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A practical manual describing the principles and practice of modern medical acupuncture. This book frees the practitioner from dependence on rule of thumb and builds on existing clinical knowledge. Demystifying the needling process, this book demonstrates quick but effective treatment of those disorders for which acupuncture is suitable.

1. HOW TO LEARN ACUPUNCTURE: Learning acupuncture; The thinking practitioner's version of acupuncture;

2. THE TRADITIONAL VERSION: The basic concepts; Treatment according to the traditional system; Traditional acupuncture in the light of modern knowledge;

3. MODERN ACUPUNCTURE: Pain and the Nervous System; Acupuncture Analgesia; Acupuncture and the Limbic System;

4. NEEDLES AND HOW TO USE THEM: Types of needles; Using the needles; Other needling techniques; The effects of acupuncture; Complications of acupuncture and adverse effects; The question of consent; Main contraindications (all relative); Effects of acupuncture on symptoms; Frequency of treatment; Introducing acupuncture to new patients;

5. PRINCIPLES OF TREATMENT: Where to needle?; Can we find common ground among the various methods?; Recording the treatment; Some examples (comments in square brackets);

6. ACUPUNCTURE TREATMENT AREAS: Generalized stimulation; Specific ATAs; The spine - General considerations; The head and neck; The shoulder; The elbow; The wrist and hand; The thoracic spine (lower part); The lumbar and gluteal regions; Lower abdomen; Medial thigh area; Posterior thigh area (hamstrings); The knee; Gastrocnemius and soleus; SP 6 - Medial leg; The ankle and foot; Miscellaneous; Surface anatomy;

7. ELECTRICAL ACUPUNCTURE AND TENS: Electrical acupuncture; TENS for pain relief; References;



10. SETTING UP AN ACUPUNCTURE CLINIC: Some questions and answers about acupuncture; Instructions for self-acupuncture; Acupuncture and blood donors

Acupuncture in Practice - Beyond Points and Meridians

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