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Acupuncture: an Aid to Differential Diagnosis

Acupuncture an Aid to Differential DiagnosisAcupuncture: an Aid to Differential Diagnosis

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ACUPUNCTURE: AN AID TO DIFFERENTIAL DIAGNOSIS gives a comprehensive conventional and acupuncture differential diagnosis, referenced by presenting condition and by acupuncture diagnosis. Presented in an accessible format, spiral bound and with a horizontal cut on each page, it gives the practitioner and student access to a handy and portable memory aid to differential diagnosis.

- Presented in a small, portable and quick-referenced form
- Includes both western medicine differential diagnosis and Chinese medicine differential diagnosis
- Suitable for both students and practitioners of acupuncture
- Attractive two colour design

Table of Contents
Each page is cut horizontally once, making four sections on a double page spread. As described above, the top pair of sections will be occupied by the Western and Chinese medicine differential diagnosis of a given condition. The sections below will be occupied by one of the Chinese medicine syndromes listed together with the acupuncture and lifestyle advice appropriate. The cut pages can be turned independently to enable rapid reference and comparison.

Western Medicine and Chinese medicine differential diagnosis

Headaches Dizziness Breathlessness Wheezing Asthma Allergic rhinitis Sinusitis Cough Mental-emotional problems Insomnia Tinnitus Tiredness and diabetes Chest Painful Obstruction Syndrome Epigastric Pain Hypochodrial Pain Abdominal Pain Abdominal Masses Diarrhoea Constipation Painful Urination Syndrome Enuresis and incontinence Oedema (nephritis) Lower backache and sciatica ME, (PVS, Epstein Barr) Parkinsons disease and multiple sclerosis Wind stroke Bleeding and Dysmenorrhoea Menorrhagia and metrorrhagia and PMT Menopause Common cold and influenza Infertility and polycystic ovary syndrome Skin problems Musculoskeletal and painful obstruction syndrome

Chinese Medicine Syndromes

Bladder Heat (or Damp Heat) Blood Heat Cold in the Intestines Cold Invading the Stomach Cold Phlegm Damp Heat Damp Heat in the Intestines Damp Heat in the Spleen Dampness in the Spleen Damp Phlegm (or Cold Phlegm) in the Lungs Deficiency of Qi and Empty Cold in the Abdomen Gall Bladder Damp Heat Gall Bladder deficiency Gall Bladder Fire (or Heat) Heart Blood Deficiency Heart Blood Stasis Heart Fire Heart Qi Deficiency Heart Yang Deficiency Heart Yin Deficiency Heat in Intestines Kidney Essence Deficiency Kidney Yang Deficiency Kidney Yin Deficiency Liver Blood Deficiency Liver Fire Blazing Liver Yang Rising Liver Yin Deficiency Liver Yin Deficiency with Empty Heat Liver Wind Lung Dryness Lung Heat Lung Phlegm Heat Lung Qi Deficiency Lung Qi Obstructed Lung Yin Deficiency Lung Yin Deficiency with Empty Heat Phlegm fire Phlegm Fluids in the Stomach Phlegm Fluids (or turbid Phlegm) in the Lungs Phlegm Heat harassing the Mind Retention of Food Spleen Blood Deficiency Spleen Qi Deficiency Spleen Yang Deficiency Spleen Yin Deficiency Stagnant Liver Qi invading the Lungs Stagnation of Cold in the Liver channel Stagnation of Liver Qi Stagnation of Liver Qi invading the Stomach Stagnation of Qi Stasis of Liver Blood Stasis of Blood Stasis of Blood in the Stomach Stomach Damp Heat Stomach Deficiency Stomach Fire Stomach Heat Stomach Phlegm Fire Stomach Yin Deficiency Turbid Phlegm (or Wind Phlegm or Phlegm Fluids) Wind Cold Invading the Lungs Wind Dampness Wind Dryness Wind Heat invading the Lungs

Acupuncture: an Aid to Differential Diagnosis

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